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Visit Raleigh


FWV was proud to be selected by the Greater Raleigh Convention & Visitors Bureau to lead creative services for the GRCVB and its Visit Raleigh initiative. We also handled media planning and buying for several different target audiences, including resident, leisure and local connectors. We developed a new brand identity together with advertising creative, video and a wide range of digital content.

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The Campaign

The new identity and creative campaign focused on transformative people who contribute to Raleigh as a modern, smart city that remains largely undiscovered, offering visitors an authentic and fulfilling travel experience. Our print and digital campaign helped contribute to record-breaking hotel occupancy and food/​beverage tax collections in the years that followed. It also increased traffic to campaign landing pages by 1,330%.

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We spearheaded the production of 12 spotlight videos: two-minute pieces that focus on local influencers who offer unique perspectives on why Raleigh is a great place to visit. After identifying a group of 12 Passionate Minds” to serve as a cross-section of Raleigh – from culinary geniuses and sports heroes, to pioneering musicians and corporate dreamers – we worked with each to develop their personal stories. Through these videos, we were able to bring to life the compelling value proposition of the smart, thriving, modern city that is Raleigh, N.C.

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