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Home golf technology brand, SkyTrak, needed to increase product awareness and elevate marketing efforts of their innovative launch monitor and simulator. FWV redesigned the company’s website and developed new content, including product and lifestyle photography, a national TV spot and a series of Play of the Day” videos. The agency also handles strategic media relations for the brand.

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SkyTrak Stories

Compilation Video

SkyTrak executed a social media-based contest for its customers to enter to win a prize by sharing their SkyTrak story. This recap video, which was shared on SkyTrak social channels, highlights why golfers of all ages and skill level love the product.

Bring Your A” Game Anywhere

TV Spot

FWV developed this national TV spot to showcase the innovative technology of the SkyTrak launch monitor and the cool convenience of having a golf course right in your own garage. Fore!

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A Small Monitor with Big Features

Play of the Day” Videos

Having fun with the traditional golf announcer, we created a series of web videos that each highlight a unique feature and benefit of the SkyTrak launch monitor.

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Skytrac image 5
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Digital Inspiration


After a thorough content and competitive audit, we designed and developed the new SkyTrak website, including refreshed copy and all-new creative assets. The award-winning site inspires and educates golfers on how SkyTrak can help them improve their game, while having fun in the process.

Skytrac website

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