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French | West | Vaughan, founded in 1997 by Chairman & CEO Rick French, is nationally recognized as a pioneering influence in integrated marketing. What started as a public relations firm, today employs more than 100 PR, advertising and digital media experts in Raleigh, New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Tampa and Boston.

Our clients, like our services, are diverse. We work with some of the world’s leading corporate and consumer brands, mid-sized companies, governmental offices and entrepreneurial ventures. We’re in fashion, food & beverage, education, technology, public affairs, healthcare, sports, entertainment, retail and emerging product sectors. 

Plus, we’re global. As a longstanding member of IPREX, a consortium of 75 of the world’s leading independently-owned PR and marketing agencies in over 30 countries, we provide our clients with an interconnected, international communications footprint.

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French | West | Vaughan is committed to helping its clients change minds and influence behavior through the use of integrated research, public relations, public affairs, advertising and marketing strategies.

In pursuit of ranking among the world’s most admired communications firms, at our core we believe in the following:

• Hire only the best people, give them the proper guidance and support, and challenge them to consistently produce great work on behalf of clients.

• We value diversity, each of us has a unique personality, background and viewpoint. Those diverse experiences give us context and contribute greatly to delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

• We treat our clients and colleagues with respect and expect them to treat us the same way.

• Everyone in the agency must adhere to the highest ethical standards and professional codes of conduct.

• Our success as an agency is directly tied to the success of our clients.

• As professional communicators, we know that sometimes listening is the most effective way to communicate.

• Creativity is the soul of our business. It excites us, challenges us and makes us passionate about what we do.

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The FWV agency family is comprised of several business units. In addition to the primary agency, French/​West/​Vaughan, wholly-owned or affiliate divisions, include the pet and veterinary practice, FWV Fetching, Manhattan-based PR shop, AMP3, Detroit-based PR shop, TMG, Massachusetts-based PR shop, CGPR, and our motion picture production and development company, Prix Productions. 


  • 25 National Agency of The Year Honors
  • Top 10 Global Creative Index
  • Most Innovative Agency of The Year 
  • One of America’s 10 Best Branding Agencies 
  • Top 20 Creative Agency 
  • Consumer Agency of The Year
  • America’s Top 25 Best Agencies to Work For
  • Brandweek National Marketers of The Year
  • Communications Agency of The Year

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