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Melitta partnered with FWV over a decade ago and has consistently built upon media relations successes year after year. From appearances on the TODAY Show to vital B2B support in trade media, award-winning influencer programs, event support and crisis counsel, FWV has helped Melitta strategically grow its multi-faceted business into a global coffee powerhouse. 

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Long dedicated to the art of European indulgence, Melitta Coffee evokes the flavor of Europe in every cup. In fact, they’ve been bringing the ultimate coffee experience to life throughout the world for more than 100 years. Their innovative founder, Melitta Bentz, invented the pour-over process, a groundbreaking innovation in flavorful, handcrafted coffee brewing.

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Coffee + Chocolate = Perfection


Whether it’s their gourmet coffees or customized treats, like handcrafted chocolate bars made with Melitta coffee beans, they’ve always been inspired by the exceptional tastes and aromas coming from the world’s finest cafés. FWV has proudly supported with consumer media relations.

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Executive Support

Direct Mail & Signage

We provide creative support and execution for a variety of projects, including company newsletters, event signage and handouts, B2B sales collateral, and creative mailers for media and prospective clients. 

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