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LS Tractor


LS Tractor reached out to FWV to create and lead its national marketing campaign. Consumer, sales and dealer research led us to a brand strategy focused on the Total Ownership Experience.” We developed a national advertising program to build awareness and drive traffic to dealers utilizing TV, print, radio, paid digital and social media. The effort also included a retooled, consumer-facing website and additional PR support though trade channels to help generate industry buzz. 

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Ls tractor logo center

What’s It About For You?

The Campaign

Authentic imagery and a compelling TV ad campaign staged in real-world settings, told the story behind the quality and reliability of LS tractors. Portraits of owners and operators depicted what LS means to the individuals who identify with the brand. The FWV team built a multifaceted plan to leverage highly-targeted media buys nationwide. 

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Ls tractor print ad 2
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Ls tractor web banners

Evolving the Online Experience


In order to function as a centralized repository for all product information, educational content, brand stories, and dealer information, FWV redesigned and rebuilt the LS Tractor website to reflect the new brand positioning and mirror the advertising messages that were created to drive traffic to the site.

Ls tractor website
Ls tractor social media

Social Influence

Creative assets for Facebook and Instagram were created to bring the campaign to life. The posts were developed to be focused around beautiful imagery and to-the-point copy, which quickly make the case for LS Tractor being the most durable and affordable tractor on the market. Online engagement saw a measurable increase, with many users sharing stories about how they use their LS tractor.

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