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Meet our Chief Operating Officer - Natalie Best (Part 2 of 2)


By: Daniel & Lorcan, Interns

Genuine, nimble and accomplished, Natalie Best has an impressive track record of success. Her character and authenticity were on full display during a meet and greet with several of FWV’s fall interns. Natalie took a sincere interest in the interns’ journey — asking open-ended questions about their favorite projects, the clients they most enjoyed working with and so forth. 

An experienced public relations leader, Natalie offered a plethora of advice to emerging professionals eager to begin their careers. The FWV COO started the conversation by attributing her success to diligence and dedication. Passion and a conscientious attitude project success,” she said. Follow the things you care about. Fashion, sports, entertainment, politics — whatever makes you get up in the morning to take on the day is what you should commit to doing.”

Natalie discussed an array of topics including the best ways for an applicant to stand out in the industry. She emphasized the importance of having a broad understanding of the business world and current events. According to Natalie, Being up-to-date with news and trends not only impacts your firm, but also the clients you represent.” Moreover, this skillset is often not taught in traditional classroom settings; therefore, Natalie believes the best way to groom this ability is through internship and work experience. At the end of the day, public relations firms seek employees with the drive and flexibility to serve their clients and company goals,” she said. This is an area in which FWV has undoubtedly excelled under Natalie’s leadership. 

Natalie spoke about how rapidly the industry is evolving. She believes trust is the most important resource to cultivate with clients. Empathize with your clients,” she said. Your clients should never doubt you, and they should believe what you are doing is in their best interest.” Natalie also explained how the industry’s shift to digital has supported FWV’s growth. Our agency was not only ahead of the curve, but we had the case studies on record to support us,” she said. One of Natalie’s main challenges in her role as COO was guiding FWV through these changes and ensuring FWV continues to develop faster, more effective ways to communicate with clients. Natalie’s leadership has been a vital part FWV’s commitment to innovation. 

It is evident in everything Natalie does that she strives for excellence — and that’s exactly what she emphasized during this sit-down with the interns. She reiterated again and again that you should never stop learning, never stop looking for new challenges and never stop pursuing your dreams…wisdom that can no doubt be applied to both professional and personal growth.

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