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Tree Top


The iconic brand for apple juice and applesauce out of the Pacific Northwest, Tree Top, needed to increase brand awareness, while differentiating itself in a largely homogenous category. After years of minimal advertising, FWV together with Spokane-based IPREX partner, DH, supported Tree Top with the launch of a regional media campaign, reaching 70% of Tree Top’s target audience in each market, and through social media to engage and grow their audience.

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The Campaign

IPREX partners FWV and DH launched a new brand campaign, Together, We Grow Better” to help reinvigorate Tree Top. The primary goal of the campaign was to drive brand awareness and preference, focusing in their core markets the Pacific Northwest, which was supported through TV, Radio, Digital and Social. The campaign highlights the natural, simple ingredients, sharing the story of the grower and their care for the fruit, closely aligning with parents’ values and needs. The 4‑month campaign lead to a 15% growth in brand awareness within Tree Top’s target audience, garnering over 21.2MM impressions and drove 32K+ new users to Tree Top’s website. 

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We extend the reach and brand awareness for Tree Top through social media, developing social-first content and engagement strategy that reinforces core brand traits, marketing campaigns, new product launches and overall organic content opportunities.

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Harvest Videos

With harvest season upon us, we took the opportunity to capture video assets throughout Tree Top orchards and developed social-first videos to highlight the key ingredient for Tree Top products – Apples grown locally in the Pacific Northwest. Through the content capture, we were able to successfully bring the brand story to life through a series of videos, from the ingredients to growers to the final Tree Top product line-up.

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