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French West Vaughan stands in solidarity with those who have peacefully raised their voices to protest the bigotry and injustice faced by African Americans for far too long. We share their passion, outrage, and conviction in a truth we hold to be self-evident – that Black Lives Matter. As our nation seeks a new path forward, we are committed to working closely with civic and community leaders to foster dialogue, unity and positive change, and to recognize our responsibility to lead.
To that end, we are listening to this moment as closely as we can and learning how we can be better. We’re forming an agency committee to respond to the issues the protests are raising — including increasing the diversity within our own walls. Every business and every individual needs to hold themselves accountable and do what’s necessary to move forward.
For 23 years, our mission has been to transform outcomes for the greater good. We have been a leader in the rebirth of downtown Raleigh. Today, our love for our hometown is stronger than ever. Not because our city is perfect, but because we know the humanity that lives within the heart of our community. A community of workers, dreamers, business owners and activists. It’s heartening to see so many folks coming together in support of each other and the broader fight against injustice and inequality.


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