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Opt-in Service Delivers Pet and Veterinary Press Releases to Business Leaders

RALEIGH, NC. (April 26, 2017)PetPR​.com, the pet industry’s leading press release and content distribution service, has launched an opt-in Insiders Program for industry leaders to receive the latest pet and veterinary news releases. Acquired and relaunched by FWV Fetching (formerly Fetching Communications) in 2013, PetPR​.com is relied upon by pet and veterinary influencers, journalists, bloggers and media outlets for current news announcements and trend story ideas.

For many years PetPR​.com has delivered the news of pet businesses to targeted media and influencer audiences, to help these businesses more directly reach pet owners and professionals with news of products, services, and personnel,” said Liz Lindley, Director of PetPR​.com and Vice President at FWV Fetching. Our Insiders Program is the result of business leaders wanting to be aware of news as it happens in the pet and veterinary industries. The Insiders Program is set up as an easy opt-in with no cost or obligation. Insiders will receive, by email, press releases as they are distributed by the PetPR​.com service. The program enables greater connection amongst industry leaders with pet and veterinary product and service providers.”

As many companies already know, not all pet and veterinary press releases will meet the editorial needs of industry media outlets, even if the news may be of interest to pet owners or others in the industry. A PetPR Insider will receive the announcement the same day it is distributed to media outlets and influencers, giving the subscriber a way to stay current with pet and veterinary news.

In addition to pet and veterinary businesses,” Lindley notes, we see many companies outside of the pet industry announcing news relating to pets. These pet-positive’ companies share news about charitable contributions and events, partnerships with pet or veterinary organizations, or unique tie-ins to pet issues. Again, the PetPR Insiders program will deliver this news directly to the Insiders’ inboxes.”

For businesses and organizations that use PetPR​.com to deliver their news to media, the Insider Program is another level of exposure, which is a critical piece of a marketing strategy to raise brand awareness. The added exposure could lead to beneficial relationships based upon the relevance of the news to the PetPR Insider, who may be seeking new opportunities.

All press releases distributed by PetPR​.com are maintained in the PetPR​.com Newsroom, with announcements from pet insurance companies, toys and training products, board-certified veterinary specialty associations, general veterinary practices, technology-driven pet products, and much more, including pet-sitting services, annual service animal events, new products at tradeshow exhibits and corporate acquisitions. The Newsroom is a resource for media outlets, and now industry leaders too, through the new PetPR Insiders Program.

Click here to register for the Insiders Program.

About PetPR​.com

PetPR​.com, powered by FWV Fetching, is the only dedicated service for writing and distributing pet and veterinary news and content.’s mission is to provide affordable, effective news and content distribution and writing support for pet and veterinary businesses, to give the growing pet industry a central resource to find news and content relevant to their businesses, and to distribute industry news to key media contacts who cover the pet marketplace. PetPR​.com has become the leading resource for journalists, bloggers, influencers and other media interested in pet news, trends and expert sources for their stories. Press releases are also delivered to industry insiders who opt-in to receive the latest pet news. For more information, please see’s Packages and set up a free account.

About FWV Fetching
FWV Fetching originated in January 2017 when Fetching Communications and PetPR​.com were acquired by French West Vaughan (FWV), with Fetching founder Kristen Levine leading FWV’s new Pet & Veterinary Practice as Senior Vice President. FWV is one of the nation’s leading public relations, public affairs, advertising and digital media agencies, with offices in Raleigh, New York City, Los Angeles and Tampa. National, international and local clients represented by the agency include Wrangler, ABB, Hood River Distillers, Melitta, NATHAN, Bassett Furniture, Concord Hospitality, Peter Millar, Paralyzed Veterans of America, International Gemological Institute (IGI) and Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurants. FWV is a partner in IPREX, the $200 million network of communication agencies, with 1,500 staff members and 100 offices worldwide. FWV was named North American Consumer Agency of the Year at the 2016 SABRE Awards and Midsize, Consumer and Communications Agency of the Year by Bulldog Reporter. For more information, please visit www​.fwv​-us​.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram.

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