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By the FWV Internship Committee

Our last blog was all about giving you the inside scoop on what French/​West/​Vaughan (FWV) is looking for in its interns. We talked about being intentional in highlighting your previous experience, pointing out skills that you may have outside of your resume, and the importance of attitude and attention to detail.

Now, we’re giving you the spark notes version of what each team at FWV is looking for when selecting interns. Here a few things you could call out on your resume or in your interview: 

Public Relations (PR)

We’re looking for AP style, any (and all) writing experience you might have, and if you’ve been resourceful or led a team in some way. Have you done any projects in class? We want to know about them! It’s easy to think an internship or volunteer experience has a stronger appeal than experience in the classroom, but from our perspective, we know that’s where you learn and get the opportunity to do quite a bit of writing. Have you ever written a press release or created a media list? Maybe you’ve led a team project and ensured you hit all your deadlines. These are the things we want to know, regardless of whether it was in class or another capacity.

Paid Media

You may think you’ve never heard of paid media, but you interact with it every day. If you’ve ever watched a TV commercial and wondered how much the advertiser paid for it or had a banner ad follow you around the internet and thought, Why is this company targeting me?”, then paid media might be for you. While it may not be something you learn about in-depth in college, let us know if you’ve worked with Google Studio, Meta Ads Manager, or even with your school newspaper. Do you have a strong interest in research and analytics? These are great callouts when exploring a role in paid media. 


Do you have a project you’ve worked on that you’re excited to show off? Have you mastered your skills in Photoshop, XD, Illustrator or InDesign? Merchandise your creativity and expertise with a stellar digital portfolio. Be sure to include the overarching objective for the project, your strategy and thought process, along with any final work product. And don’t forget to make it personal. If you’re great with teamwork and conceptual thinking, if the project had to pivot from your original direction…call it out. Collaboration is especially important when you’re part of the creative team. We want to see how you would work and bring new ideas to the table.

Social Media

We’re interested in any experience you have that goes beyond the average social media user. Previous experience helping run a channel is huge! Have you worked with any social media scheduling tools? Do you have any experience running a channel for a school club or organization where you learned how to report on the metrics? Have you used those metrics to influence future content? We like to see critical thinking and creative ideas. We also run a multitude of influencer campaigns, so if you have any experience working with influencers (no matter how micro or nano), be sure to let us know. 

When it comes to setting yourself apart in an interview or on a resume, keep these insider tips and tricks in your back pocket as you seek an internship with an agency like FWV. Happy applying! 

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