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FWV Invites Dogs Into the Office for Second Consecutive Year


Here at French/​West/​Vaughan (FWV), our employees really love animals – we even have an entire division called FWVFetching, which is dedicated to pet and veterinary businesses! With most of our employees having pets of their own, we’re excited to join thousands of dog owners across the U.S. who are bringing their pups to the office on Friday, June 21 for Pet Sitters International’s 21st anniversary of Take Your Dog to Work Day®(TYDTWD).

Working alongside your dog provides tremendous benefits including lowering stress levels, boosting morale and increasing work productivity. Interacting with your colleagues’ pups can even encourage pet adoption, which is my personal passion.

In addition to hosting our best friends for the day, we launched an office donation drive to collect items for homeless cats and dogs at Second Chance Pet Adoptions, which is the oldest no-kill rescue organization in Wake County. FWV Fetching’s client, Tomlyn® Veterinary Science, has generously offered donations as well.

More than 20 four-legged companions will enjoy canine-centric activities, including an ice cream social with frozen pup treats, a dog costume contest, an interactive photo shoot and an outdoor pool.

To make sure your dog has the best day in the workplace, here is a list of must-haves for TYDTWD:

  • Water, food and treats. It’s what gets them through the workday, too!
  • A leash, so your pup is on their best office behavior throughout the day.
  • A few (non-squeaky) toys, because we all know meetings won’t keep your dog entertained.
  • BYOB: Bring your pet’s favorite blankets or bed so they can take an afternoon nap and stay comfortable while you’re busy working.
  • A creative costume that represents what their dream job would be.
  • Brush up on their manners (and inside voice etiquette) to ensure your very best pal is on their very best behavior.

Follow these tips and you and your pup will have a PAW-some day in the office!


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