A Little Less Talk, and a lot more Infographic Action | The Modern Day Press Release Goes Interactive

It’s a hectic Monday morning, and that well-researched Mr. Editor of yours has a stacked inbox of emails, a lukewarm cup of coffee, a fast approaching morning deadline and a boss who’s already given him an extension that he’s missed … oh yeah, and a gaping hole in a story that’s craving some visual appeal.  Chances are, your two-page, AP-style, single-spaced, 11-point font press release, jam packed with all those must-have brand buzz words won’t make it into his story, never mind get read.  So here’s a little color for your prose.

Make that press release interactive and turn it into a shareable, clickable, likeable, READABLE, digest-able, printable … infographic!  You know, the kind of graphic you see with all those cute little icons comprised of facts and figures, all nice and tidy, packaged into this clean and colorful picturesque scene? Yep.

Its debatable, we’re less prone to folding over the paper and turning to “read more on page A6” and a whole lot more apt to scroll, tap, click, share, tweet, hashtag this/that/the other, and see, not read, see.  So how are we consuming our news, our information, our stories, or updates?  We wake up, grab our smartphones (unless their already in our half opened hand from where we left them when falling asleep the night before) and tap, scroll, look, share, and connect.  With an influx of information, coming at us from a multitude of sources and places, we can’t help but want to consume it all and quickly, and then distill it into our own cute little phrases and sayings, or what you might be more familiar with – our own little status updates, #hashtags, pins, tweets/retweets, and so on.  Bottom line, we’re in an age where information is accessible, and when it can’t be read, understood, and delivered with impact in a minute or less, we’ve moved on.

Don’t let another well written, well thought out message go unread, unseen, unshared, unopened, or worse … unwritten about.  Shed yourself of the weight of all those words, dragging your email to the bottom of the list to be opened, and make an impact – deliver it with some visual appeal – and get noticed, get read, get shared, get written about.

In an industry driven by clicks, impressions, trackability, ROI, acquisition, conversion, and the ominous funnel … its less about the I’s dotted, t’s crossed, comma here and exclamation there to woe your hard to please Proust-loving College English professor, and a lot more about being heard, being noticed, and making an impression – a conceptual and impactful lasting impression (and I’m not talking about the impressions that get divided by the clicks to tell me my CTR) – moreover, one that is truly quantifiable in a world where facts, figures, and results rule.

… And yes, this would have been perfect in an infographic!

Nov, 12, 2014