Pinterest: A Vehicle for Views in the B2B Space

Pinterest, once the ultimate guide for fashion trends and easy recipes, has transformed into a unique social space that allows companies to develop and maintain relationships with their customers. Business-to-business (B2B) companies that may have shied away from this highly visual and consumer-focused social medium should reconsider – creating and maintaining a Pinterest presence can spike engagement, deliver timely and useful content, and show your commitment to staying up-to-date with the digital transformation.

How it Works

Pinterest collects “pins”– images linked to external articles or sites – and “boards”– collections of these pins – to allow users to follow content from friends, companies, retailers, publications, activities and activities. A B2B organization should create its account with branding and style considerations in mind – i.e., inclusion of logo, taglines, etc. From there, the organization can build boards relevant to its story and place in its industry.

As an example, tech giant Intel, provides technology to businesses in the computer manufacturing industry – not your average PC owner. Its Pinterest boards range from “DIY Technology” to “Sports and Fitness Technology.” This content is shareable and provides fitting info for Intel’s current and prospective customers.


Here’s how to make Pinterest work for your B2B operation:

1. Be a Thought Leader – Pin Your Already-Written Content
Your Pinterest activity should be relevant to industry discussions, trends and analyses, as well as images and blog posts. Consider what you bring to the table for your target audience. If you’re a financial services firm, do you have a blog geared towards small businesses? Find an applicable graphic, and pin some of your blog posts to a “Small Business” board. Or, create a board dedicated to your organization’s email newsletters and white papers to highlight topics and increase readership.

2. Get Interactive – Link to Multimedia
Are you hosting a webinar this month? Do you have a solid archive of videos related to your business offering? Highlight it through Pinterest. The digital conversation today revolves around videos and interactive content. If you are a commercial product manufacturer, consider showing target customers best practices for use of your products via a video pinned on your Pinterest page.

3. Show Some Love – Pin Your People
If you want to be competitive in recruiting talent within your industry, consider a board that highlights your employees’ achievements. This can include work done inside the office, as well as community or industry recognitions. Additionally, company successes should be emphasized. If your commercial real estate firm just won a national award, make it known via Pinterest.

Why it Matters
Pinterest and other social platforms enable companies to connect all marketing efforts – including blogs, webinars, social media posts, videos, white papers and more – to drive engagement and conversation around your brand. You and your employees have spent time and money developing written and visual resources – don’t let them go to waste. Make it easy for Pinterest users to share your practical and interesting pins on their own boards, and utilize Pinterest to leverage your organization’s wealth of knowledge.

– Allie Higgins

Nov, 10, 2015